Sunday, January 15, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

A lot has happened in the past few days and I've been so busy that I didn't even realize I hadn't posted anything since Tuesday. On Wednesday I had my first British History class from 9-12. The class seems like it'll be pretty easy and interesting and we go on excursions every Friday. During class we also watched this gem of a video. I found it to be pretty catchy.

After this, I had my first Islam and the West class from 1-4. It seemed everyone was struggling to stay awake but the teacher was of course a very nice man. In three hours I learned about Muhammad, Muhammad, Muhammad, The Five Pillars of Islam, and Muhammad, as our teacher is very repetitive. Luckily, we also go on occasional trips with that class.

On Wednesday night we went to a welcome reception dinner at Imperial College. The best way to describe this scene is through the ratio of boys to girls, which very well may have been 1:10. As you can imagine, the boys seemed to enjoy this dinner much more than the girls, as they are a rare and sought after commodity in the FIE program. We met some nice people in the FIE program but overall the dinner was a little weird.

On Thursday we walked through the park to Notting Hill and later ate at a pub called Goat's Tavern. All the pubs are so pretty and the food is pretty good. For some reason I always feel compelled to write about what food I ate and take a picture of it. So here it goes: I got chicken broth soup, chicken with a mix of barbeque, tomato, and marinara sauce, and chips (which again are french fries). And of course, here are pictures of it:
There were also some pretty interesting specials on the menu but I didn't really feel like trying the pudding:

At night, we went to see a play called The 39 Steps, which FIE gave us free tickets for. When we got there we realized the the seats were all random and not everyone was sitting together. Somehow, Dana and I ended up next to each other in the front row. I was so excited about this since I've always wanted to sit close up at a play but whenever we go someone (Dad), always wants to sit in the very back of the nosebleed seats. This time was a totally different experience and the play was brilliant! The play consisted of a bunch of different characters, but only a cast of four so they not-so-subtly switched off between people, which called for great comedy. 

On Friday, I had my first excursion for my history class to the London Maritime Museum, where we went up a huge hill to see the Prime Meridian line. No one was really sure what this trip had to do in relation to our history class but it was fun regardless and the view was gorgeous. 

The view from the top
Standing on the Prime Meridian
Presenting the Prime Meridian?
And again with the food: for lunch I had an interesting pizza-thing and at night I had hot chocolate and tried macaroons for the first time.
Raspberry macaroons

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