Friday, February 17, 2012


I can't get over how quickly these weeks pass. This time last two weeks ago I was packing to go to Scotland... golly. So anyway, a few things occurred recently. I received my tentative internship placement for the second half of my program. (I say tentative because I have to go on an "interview" beforehand). I'll first be at Portland Place Private School for ages 10-16 as a teachers assistant. As an education major, I'm under some different circumstances. Instead of doing one internship like the people with other majors I actually have two. I'll be at Portland Place until the second to last week of March and after then I'll be at... (drumroll) Camp Beaumont Day Camp! These internship placement people know me oh so well. So my semester will continue with classes  for only one more wees, then I have spring break, then I come back and start at Portland Place until March 23rd, then start at Camp Beaumont in April until the 20th. I'm so excited to hang out with little British kids!

Last Thursday we went to/on the London Eye. The last time I did this was during the day so it was nice to see London at night. Big Ben really is so beautiful. After this we found a huge arcade that had tons of games, bowling, bumper cars, and ride simulators. This place literally had every arcade game I've ever heard of. I had to hold back from dropping large amounts of money on every game I passed. I did cave in with the bumper cars though. I felt those were very necessary. They turned out to be pretty intense compared to bumper cars I've previously been on and I was being thrown out of my seat a little bit by some crazy tourists. I got some bruises too. But hey, I got to drive with the wheel on the right side for the first time though. I'll definitely be going back to this arcade in the future to play some games and win some tickets.

I've also made some more progress over these past two weeks on booking my trips. We booked Ireland for Easter break and Paris for the last weekend in March. I'm pretty much done booking all of my trips taking place during the semester. Now I need to focus on my travels after my semester is over (Hi Aunt Frankie, I haven't forgotten about you and Italy).

Speaking of my Paris trip, we booked it for a Thursday night in March, which meant I would have to miss one Friday of my internship. I recently found out that due to the way the schooling system works here, school ends March 23rd and camp doesn't start until April... which means instead of having to miss a Friday of my internship I actually have that whole week off. Woohoo (The Secret)! Now I'm looking into extended my Paris trip by going to Belgium beforehand for a day or so. We'll see what happens. I'll do some more research on it later, since I'm too tired to do it now. And I'm tired because yes, I am sick. It was bound to happen since my immune system loves to mess with me. Yup, my right nostril is sure sealed up alright. Nothing is passing through there. Graphic.

Anyways, I'm going to go chill now and do some "London stuff." Cheers!

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