Monday, February 20, 2012

The Secret!

Such a wonderful day! The Secret prevails yet again! Allow me to preface this post by briefly talking about the new obsession of our house; the London reality television (tele) show Made in Chelsea. The show is basically the equivalent of the American reality show The Hills, which follows beautiful rich people throughout their drama-filled lives. So we've all been watching episodes of that show like it's our job and we're pretty much all hooked. Yesterday while I was watching episode 4 of season 1 (the one where Ollie dramatically confides in his friend Binky that he is in fact bisexual) I saw a brief clip of a sign that said "Fulham Road" and mentally noted that my interview for Camp Beaumont was on that street.

After class, Erin and I ventured out for our interview and most of the time we spent traveling there consisted of me talking about how I wanted to see one of the characters from the show. Since we arrived to the area an hour early we decided to stop in the Starbucks down the road for a drink and a chat. We sat for a little while and got up to leave when I turned around and saw Millie (aka Camilla Makintosh), one of the main stars of the reality show just casually getting some tea. Long story short, we chased her down the street to take with her. So here it is (and yes we're aware she makes us look like short, chubby children):
So anyway, the interview for the camp went great and we simply can not wait to start. We'll be assisting counselors for two weeks and hanging out with little British children all day. Dream come true. My interview for Portland Place School is on Thursday and I have a feeling that will go just as swimmingly.

Some upcoming events:
- Finishing booking my spring break
- Have my interview for Portland Place school
- Finish my Islam and History classes
- Leave for spring break on Saturday (Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Mauthausen, Salzburg)
- Keep on thinking positively

And here's a little motivational quote to wrap this up:
"All that we are is the result of what we have thought." - Buddha

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