Monday, March 26, 2012

Oops (Prahahahaha)

Well, it would appear that I haven't posted anything on here in an entire month. To say 'time flies' would be an understatement at this point. I've written notes from the past few weeks; Spring Break, London, my internship. I'll start today by posting some stuff from the beginning of my Spring Break - Prague!

So I did indeed make it home after traveling around Europe for 9 days, successfully living out of my backpack. We encountered some language barriers, difficulties with currency exchange, and some awkward hostel experiences. But overall, this was one of the greatest experiences of my life thus far. I saw so many beautiful things that it'll be hard for me to try to explain them in the amount of detail they deserve. Luckily, I took plenty of pictures throughout the week and took notes so I would remember what things I wanted to write about on my blog. And so we begin...

My adventure started very early last Saturday morning in Prague (Praha) Czech Republic. All 12 of us left our flat around 3:30 in the morning to catch our plane in Gatwick Airport at 6:30. All of that went pretty smoothly, considering we were a huge group of girls. Once we got to Prague, things got a little more difficult. We had to take a bus from the airport to the area where our hostel was located. To our surprise, nothing was in English and most of the people at the airport spoke little English. As naive American girls who study in London, we didn't even consider this possibility. (In hindsight, we realized that nearly everyone in Prague speaks English, they just often chose not to). After some time of trying to decipher street names and bus stops we finally made it to our hostel, which was pretty hidden within another building.

Of course, all of this made us tired so naturally we had to go eat. We found an Italian restaurant that served brick oven pizzas and figured it would be safe enough. The food was great, but trying to pay for it was a whole other situation. In the Czech Republic their currency is crowns, although they do often accept euros. However, converting from pounds to euros to crowns was extremely difficult, especially since 1 euro = 24 crowns. So basically, the price of something would be 120 crowns but that would only mean 5 euros.

Other than that, Prague was amazing. It reminded me of Disney World with its quiet, small cobblestone streets. There was even a castle that looked like an evil fortress straight out of a fairytale. We walked around a lot, did a night time ghost tour, saw the John Lennon wall, did a pub crawl, and went on a free boat tour. Also, we walked across the Charles Bridge and made a wish while touching one of the statues that is supposed to bring good luck, as well as touch the statue that is supposed to guarantee that you'll come back to Prague. We also saw the infant of Prague and I was able to dip my medal in some holy water there. Here are some pictures:
Brick oven for our pizza
The electric wires for the transportation system
John Lennon Wall
Strawberry juice
Notice the guard in the background
Baby hail
Some veggies, rice, and baby shrimps
Finally, to briefly mention our hostel... in one word I would call it 'awkward.' The people working there were very nice and the layout was very cute and cozy, but some aspects were just very odd. For instance, we all had to share one bathroom, which had a toilet and two showers in it, only the toilet was not separated from the showers and if two people shower at once they're only separated by a much-too-small dividing wall. Very awkward. The staff there, with their long dreadlocks and constant smiles, were very nice.

Hostel bedroom
Awkward shower


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