Thursday, April 19, 2012

Piano Concerto No. 16 Going On 17 (Salzburg Part II)

Day 3
On the morning of our third day in Salzburg we were woken up by Ping, repacking his items in his backpack, using the loudest plastic bags known to mankind. I’m still not actually sure why he had to unpack his things in the first place, since he was only in Salzburg for one night, but I digress. When we officially woke up we walked around again, taking in the views and the gorgeous weather. In the morning I decided to venture off to see Mozart’s birthplace, his residence, and the Mozart Museum. I got to see all his baby instruments that he played when he was only five years old. What a cute little prodigy!

Mozart's birthplace
Mozart's house
Love locks
In the afternoon we went up to what’s known as Hohensalzburg Castle, or the fortress. The train to get up there was pretty much at an 80 degree angle but the floor was perpendicular to the mountain so we could stand. In the fortress we had some great views of Salzburg and we learned the history of the fortress itself.

Train track up the mountain
The cemetery from The Sound of Music
The view down the tracks
The fortress
The view from the top of the fortress
When we got back to the hostel we were surprised to have another roommate; PK from Canada. He’s the type of guy who doesn’t like to smile, no matter what. Later on he loosened up as he told us about his long term girlfriend. Turns out PK was slacking as a romantic boyfriend so we gave him some advice. Not many people get to say they had a heart to heart with a Canadian hockey player at a hostel in Salzburg. I’m livin the life. You’re welcome PK.

PK's very Canadian stuff
 That pretty much sums up Salzburg. The pictures are more important since my descriptions can’t really do it justice. In the end, arriving back in London was a breath of fresh air. Never have I been so refreshed by the English language.

Fun facts:
- Our room number and our flight number were both 307.
- Our place traveled around 490 mph.

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