Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brussels (Part II)

Day 2
Well my roommates came in late last night, and they sure weren’t quiet about it. Thanks guys. Speaking of lack of quiet, there are so many sounds right now. One girl is snoring, one is blowing her nose, and the other girl’s phone keeps vibrating. People are talking outside and walking on the floor above me, and I can hear the metro from across the street. Looks like it’s time to wake up.

I’m starting off today by getting some free breakfast at the hostel before venturing off. Update: Just kidding, there were 50 people in there. I grabbed a rice cake and left.

After that I traveled to a flea market, which was huge! I was surprised by how big it was and by how many antiques it had. I bought a few nice things for a total of 15 Euros. (I know Mom, what a bargain!) I hung out at the flea market for a while until I got tired of guys yelling “Bonjour mademoiselle!” Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they speak French in Brussels.
Flea market
 After that I went to the museum of musical instruments. The set up was really cool. They had tons of cool instruments set up and you could plug your headphones into boxes near each instrument to hear them playing:
The museum had a few floors of instruments so I took a break in between to eat some food at the rooftop restaurant of the museum. I think I had lasagna with zucchini but I’m not entirely sure. When I finished with the museum I walked around for a little bit. After that I decided to use my 24 hour tour pass and hop on the bus again. 

I’m on the bus right now and actually going under the Atomium at this very moment. After this I plan to walk around the Grand Place again then stop somewhere to get dinner. After that, chances are I'll have another waffle before heading to the train station to leave for Paris. Productive time in Brussels!

So, I went out to eat... by myself. Easting an actual sit down dinner by myself was pretty interesting but kind of enjoyable. I actually haven't really been bothered by the fact that I'm alone. It doesn't take long to get used to. So now it's 8:15pm and I'm sitting in the train station waiting for my train to Paris in an hour. I wasn't sure what I was going to do to kill time but luckily a Jehovah's Witness old lady gave me a booklet so I've been reading that. Did you know that everyone gets angry? I learned it from the book. There's a whole article about it. Brussels: COMPLETE.

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