Thursday, May 24, 2012

Je T'aime Paris (Part I)

The First Evening
Bonsoir! I made it to Paris! And I'm reunited with people, finally. Waiting for them to get here was odd. I ate some candy while I watched someone get taken away on a stretcher. What a lovely Parisian welcome. After some time casually searching we found our hostel and the 6 of us were lucky enough to have a cozy room all to ourselves. Sharing one bathroom is interesting though. We already flooded the floor with the water from the shower. Oops. Tomorrow morning we're going on a bike tour, something I've wanted to do for months, for a few hours.

Day 1
On our first official day in Paris we pretty much went all out, or as Val would say we went HAM. We started by going on a bike tour around Paris. The tour was awesome and our guide Aaron was great. We found out after the tour that it was his first one! I'm glad they told us that after the tour was done, otherwise I would have been 10 times more nervous while we were weaving in and out of cars. Anyway, on the tour we rode through parks, streets, and through the area of the Louvre, even though we weren't technically supposed to. Here are some pictures from the tour:
Notre Dame
Canon ball stuck in the wall of the building
The Louvre

After our tour we sat in the park near the Louvre and had some gelato. Our dinner experience on the other hand was a quite unexpected event. We ended up accidentally eating at a fancy, fixed menu, multiple course French restaurant. We all tried things we normally wouldn't have, but since we all had to pay so much for it we went all out. All in all, the food was probably some of the best I've ever had... whatever it was...
Something shrimp
Something beef
Something sweet
After dinner we wobbled our immensely full selves to La Seine for our boat cruise that we pre-purchased tickets for. However, we missed our boat, which is beyond typical for us. Luckily, the tickets were good for any day, anytime so we changed of our loosely organized plans and decided try again the next night. Instead, we watched some intense rollerbladers do tricks on a nearby bridge over the river.

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