Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cottages, Cliffs, Chorus, and Cinema

Our second day in Ireland was very eventful. We took a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher but got to see much more than just that. The scenery itself throughout the bus ride was very... green, just as one would expect. The "family run" company we toured with brought us first to a castle then to their farm where they had some cows and sheep. Lucky for us the mama sheep just had babies a few days earlier and they were so darn cute! After a tour of the farm we went into the cottage to have some apple pie yumyumyum.
Cow tried to eat my camera
"Granny's Apple Pie"
Sometime during the bus ride we were given lyrics sheets and led in a sing-a-long of popular Irish folk songs. I was in heaven and got pretty into it.

The cliffs were even more massive than I thought they would be. Words can't do them justice so here are some pictures:

Later on we also went to some other cliffs where we could go right to the edge. I found a cool heart-shaped rock there and let's just say I took a slight risk to crawl and get it. (Sorry to all my friends who thought I was going to tumble head first into the water.)

The rest of our evening was spent in Galway City. We were only there for a short time but we enjoyed it. We walked down the cute little streets and to the water. Beautiful!
One of the best parts of the day was on the way home when the tour guide put on the movie P.S. I Love You. I cried a little bit, partially because of the tear-jerking moments in the movie and partially because during the gorgeous scenes of Ireland in the film I looked out the bus window and saw the same thing. Just lovely.

When we got back to Dublin I needed to hear some live Irish music so we went to a pub where we heard our favorite jams: Wild Rover and Galway Girl. We also got the entire pub to sing Happy Birthday to Dana for her 21st birthday.

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