Thursday, May 24, 2012

Paris (Part II)

Day 2
In the morning we walked over to see Moulin Rouge and a popular souvenir street. 
More importantly, we finally got to see the Eiffel Tower today and it was incredible! We took our fair share of pictures there too:
Touching the Eiffel Tower!
As shown above, we got some cotton candy there. To balance out the huge meal from the day before our meals this day consisted of a small sandwich and a slice of pizza. Later we saw the Arc de Triomphe and went nearby to Lauderie to get some real macaroons. I’m not the biggest macaroon fan but they were really good. However, I couldn’t help but wonder how many poor families the lady in front of me could feed with the amount of money she was spending on her posh, ribbon adorned chocolate eggs.

Arc de Triomphe

At night we went on our boat cruise, finally. We saw the Eiffel tower sparkle at night and it was worth the wait. Everything was so beautiful:
Day 3
The next day we woke up early to check out of our hostel and get to the Catacombs (the underground burial tunnels). Seeing all the bones was extremely morbid but awesome at the same time.

After the Catacombs we went to Palm Sunday mass at Notre Dame. We got some olive branches and walked around the church afterward. 

After that we went over to the Louvre and actually went in this time. There, we saw some statues, a medieval moat, and of course the Mona Lisa. She was looking beautiful as always. And if you haven't heard yet, here's a little fun fact... the painting is actually very small.
At this point we were drained so we made our way back to the train station to go back to London, via the Chunnel. The lady at customs security must have felt I looked like a threat to UK security because she spent a decent amount of time questioning me and asking for other forms of identification. She continued to do this for such a period of time that we missed our scheduled train home. Thanks a lot lady. Luckily, we were able to switch to another train a little while after. Overall, Paris was everything I thought it would be: fashionable, touristy, romantic, and beautiful. Au revoir!

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