Friday, June 1, 2012

On our last day in Ireland we stayed in Dublin and did some souvenir shopping. In the afternoon we went to the Guinness Factory to see how their beer is made. It was all pretty cool.
After this we said bye to Meagan and Kelly and made our way to another pub. (All we pretty much do abroad is go to Irish pubs so why not go to as much legitimate pubs in Ireland as we can?) We went back to the pub we went to one of the other nights and ate our food while listening to two cute old Irish men playing instruments and singing.

Once we finished eating we made our way to the airport to go back to London. The next time I fly back to London is to take my Virgin Atlantic flight to JFK. What an extremely bittersweet thought. Fun fact: While on my flight from Dublin to London I sat in row 12 and row 14 was right behind me, meaning there was no row 13. I'm willing to bet they did they because 13 (or ter-teen as the Irish would say) is the infamous unlucky number. Interesting.

On my way home I thought about how I helped convince a lady who nearly backed out of kissing the Blarney Stone, since it was so high up and she was scared of heights, to just go for it. Also, on our way to the airport the man across from me dropped his phone and didn't notice until I told him. He was pretty grateful too. This makes me wonder why people aren't just nice to each other all the time. Maybe I'm being an idealist but in my point of view the human race makes things infinitely harder for themselves for no reason. Come on people, help each other out.

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